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The value and sequence of exercises. Education begins with the classic dance exercises. In exercises diversify muscular legs, their Reverse, step and plie (Bob); setting body, hands and head, the coordination of movements. In result of daily training figure becomes smartness, develop resistance, future dancer learns the correct distribution of gravity on two and on one leg.

Exercise starts at the poles, then, as the assimilation of movements, is transferred to middle of the room. During exercise in the middle of the hall followed by adagio and allegro. The skills acquired by students in exercises should be supported by daily exercise, based on strict methodological rules. The load during the lesson should be distributed evenly in all exercises. If the teacher finds it necessary to increase the number of repetitions any movement, then the following exercise should be reduced, as any physical overload is harmful: it leads to muscle system and ligaments, resulting in easily damaged legs. The sequence of exercises should not be random. Depending the degree of difficulty, should be considered a useful and logical combination of movements, not joining them in combination for the sake of drawing exercises. In the first class Exercise in sticks and in the middle of the hall marks on the entire foot. In the second class in Exercise at the poles is introduced on the floor, lift your fingers, while first half of the exercises performed on the entire foot, the second - on the polupaltsah later completely on polupaltsah.

In the third and subsequent classes Exercise in sticks and in the middle of the hall performed entirely in polupaltsah. Small and large adagio - as with maximizing the use of lifting on polupaltsy. In the early grades should rise on low polupaltsy, which gives great opportunity to save Reverse (still not developed and fixed), with the exception of preparation for tours and tours sur le cou-de-pied, Executables are always on high polupaltsah. In the middle and upper classes Exercise at the stick in the middle of the hall and adagio can perform at high polupaltsah, this should follow Reverse feet. Students with malovyvorotnymi feet should be limited use the lift at high polupaltsy.

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