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For a time - until the time of this completely forgotten. Only now, when we remembered about healthy lifestyles and sports turned to face the usual man in the world began to appear complex, combining gyms, beauty salons, and sauna - fitness clubs (Hawley TE, Franks BD 2000.)

In our time, as in ancient Greece, fitness for some has become a profession, and for others - a way to achieve physical perfection and spiritual harmony. True, modern athletes have altered antique skis to beyond recognition, making the sport more rigid. But even after the end of his career Almost every athlete is engaged in fitness and receives from this more pleasure than to sports (Steele SA 1999). American. "Officially" fitness appeared in the U.S. about 30 years ago, although first fitness - the program evolved during the Second World War.

In order not to lose time, U.S. soldiers trained with weights, strengthen the muscles press, moved up ... Then these simple exercises have become classics over the years and have improved fitness professionals. In the 70 years of 20 century tests of the physical state of different groups showed a lot of health problems of many Americans. And these problems increased proportionally improve the quality of life. People came from work included the TV, drinking beer. And if in the big cities have had a some alternative to this "lifestyle", then in the provinces it was from badly. And then the President's Council was established on fitness, in which includes the 20 most influential professionals in the fitness and the policies of various states. The main task of this council was promote fitness. In 1983, the American Mark Mastro creates a system "24 hour fitness", the ideological basis of which is available in all senses of the word: the pricing policy of halls to the profile of their work (Pankratova, ES 1999).

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