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These were the first in St. Petersburg and Moscow carnivals for the common people were still certainly outlandish surprise, though, and enthusiastically accepted. However, Peter's Holiday innovations do not contain genuine Democracy, Peter I never pretended to be a "people's king" and do not forget emphasize the distinction between "noble" and "despicable" estates. But carnival laughter brought together all an illusion called, for the period Festival smoothed conflicts and contradictions, and publicly, loudly claimed success politico-economic and cultural transformations, demonstrated the triumph of ruling class, the rising bourgeoisie and merchants, they praised absolyutinskuyu power.

These same objectives pursued and the carnival in St. Petersburg on Aug. 30, 1723 in honor of Russian victory over Sweden. Costumes.Regulated and approved by the emperor himself. That's it under the direction of Marshal "mashkerada was dressed Knight St. George, for whom marched thirty choristers in odnoryadkah and Chaldean dress "for him appeared Marshal masquerade, dressed in a robe and Abbot led the next group - the overseas merchants and mayors, "Swiss", miners, drummers.

The right to participate directly in the action itself had only favorites: "Important and close persons", the townspeople were also spectators. It is known that spectacle, which lasted eight days, Peter himself, not only participated, but also actively involved in work on the ceremony and script carnival. Typically, pre-compiled lists of those invited to the palace and suburban balls, masquerades, approved by the Department of ceremonial affairs Ministry of the imperial court. Usually camera-furerskaya office announced: "From the Court of His Imperial Majesty, through these things declared Ms: Stutts ladies, ladies-in-maid of honor, ladies and gentlemen of court ladies and to all those who to the court is coming. gather all the nobles of both sexes, as well as Guard and the Army Staff and senior officers. and to be ladies in Russian dress, and gentlemen in dress uniforms.

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