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Their main form, preserved the way for nearly half a century, were masked procession. number of participants who often came to the thousands people. Actors were distributed into groups each of which was its central figure - Bacchus, Neptune, Satyr, or other Roman gods. For Peter it was important to wrest from the Church's authority and knowing parody and comic essence of the mask included in these processes and allegorical figures, wearing masks, deriding the church hierarchy, Thus in 1715 was arranged a grand masked ball at the mock wedding which crowned prince-pope. All the comic figure of the procession were fitted musical instruments, whistles,drums and rattles. Parody "Young only roleand not by age, lawfully married 90-year old priest went to clown music and a peal of bells across Moscow.

Young had arranged the marriage bed in a big fake wooden pyramidinternally lighted. The stock was removed hops,and on either side were barrels of wine, beer and vodka. Then,almost a month arranged ceremonial walks, feasts, food for the people. A parody image of the Prince-Pope was needed Peter to fight with the church opposition in the person of Patriarch Nikon, who opposed the innovation. Peter 1 invented this image is not just personally involved in writing the scenario for next domino rally.

In the 28-31 January 1722 in Moscow, on the occasion of the world Nystadt Peter I gave even more impressive pageant. The streets of the village near Moscow Saints drove to the gate Tverskoys trainconsisting of sixty sleighs and horse-drawn carts, decorated by sailboats and galleys,Turkish feluccas. At them in a variety of masquerade costumes were approached king - Senators and courtiers, military officers and foreign guests. The procession traveled citytwice - the Kremlin and Red Square, turning the streets and squares in the gay and noisy spectacle permitted by contemplation of the common people, who could actively express their attitude to what is happening. Carnival praised naval victories Russia, laughing at the enemy.

Decorative holiday attire was quirky and diverse. First of all it organically blended Furnishings "cheerful train. There were and jolly Bacchus on the barrel, and Neptune-Marine, seated in a sleigh decorated by a giant shell and decorated with sea horses, and trumpets with timpani and drums. Everything was confusion in pleasurable activities. Jokes with each other and with crowds of spectators were moved victorious Fortuna, senoritas in a gondola, young ladies in the painted sleigh Dutch sailors and merchants, masks, dominoes and "terrible Turkish Janissaries, the residents of troubled monastery.

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