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Study of the positions of hands is in the middle of the hall in the following order: from preparation of hands raised in the I position, then move to III and, opening, fall into II, then complete the movement original position.

This sequence is most logical to examine the position in the movement. Initial research occurs at a slow pace, with the lock hands in each position.If the execution goes to 3 / 4, then for the first time with hands rise in the I position, the second cycle matures in position, etc. In the development of soft and expressive hands play an important role brush. They doing hands alive and talking. When lifting and lowering the hands, with their transition to the position polpozitsii and various combinations of movement begins from the brush. Especially active wrist movement should be in the hands of the disclosure by I stand at the II and III of the position II. This oval line somewhat straightened, making expressive hands.

The most carefully to train the hands of the transition III position in the II and II with position. Dropping his hands in the preparatory position, must see to it that, on As disclosure of the hands III position II, a brush is not turning his palms upwards, but gradually revealed his palms to the audience. This is not the elbows descend and maintain a smooth curved line of hands. Omitting the hands of the II position in the preparatory position, we must slightly raise them, while throwing up a few hands, which in this moment unfolding palms down. The oval line straightens out a bit. When lowering the hand behind the brush and move gradually round off the line.

Study lifting hands in the II position is through I. Lifting in the III position may be derived from I and II positions. Lowering the hands of the III position in preparatory position occurs through II position. From III position II hands can fall straight down, but can pass through, and I stand. In a static situation or in a jump, at the time of fixation posture, his hands remain crisp lines. When moving one or both hands need to make sure that they go beyond the line center of the figure when they are ahead of the housing or to head. The exercises at the hands of the stick, as a rule, retain permanent status: single the II position, the other on a stick. II position is the most convenient and useful operation, so it is used as the primary (especially in the lower grades). In the performance of exercises in the middle of the hall, on polupaltsah, hands, open to II position, helping to maintain stability.

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