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In squats heel should not be separated from the floor. It develops Achilles tendon, produces the correct position of the feet in jumping, where the push from sex is heels. In the performance of squats hand pre opens at the II position. At the beginning of training (in the first half of the first class) squats performed on two bars of 4 / 4, a slow pace. On the first beat is bob, on the second - straightening. In the second half squats performed at one cycle on the first and 4/4- the second quarter - sit-ups, the third and fourth - straightening. In subsequent classes - as one-cycle 4 / 4, but the pace somewhat faster. In the deep squat should be as long as possible to keep your heels on the floor, while they do not inadvertently torn off of him. When straightening the need try as early as possible to delete your heels on the floor, but did not accelerate the pace straightening the legs. Both heels should be separated from the floor and placed on the floor simultaneously. All the time we must maintain the ultimate expansion of the hip and Reverse feet.

The full squat position in II heel from the floor are not separated. At the squat in the IV position to properly distribute the center of gravity between the feet and squat evenly on both legs. In the first half of the first class deep squat studied in the slow temperature at two bars of 4 / 4. One stroke - sit-ups, the second - straightening. In the second half squat can be executed at one clock cycle 4 / 4 Slow rate persists. In the subsequent lower classes full squat is performed at a slow pace One cycle 4 / 4;in the middle and upper classes as one stroke, but the rate somewhat accelerated.

Poluprisedanie and deep squat can be combined with each other or with other movements and performed in one clock cycle 2 / 4. Deep squat requires coordination movements of the feet, hands and head in active participation of the shell. Before squat arm called by I stand at the II (preparation). At performed deep knee bends in the middle of the hall at the II position open hands. From the II position goes hand in a preparatory position, passes close to the knee, not touching it,then rises in the I position and opens at II. Hand movement is smooth,inseparably connected with the movement feet, begins and ends at the same time,with the beginning and the end of plie. The exact distribution of traffic on the music share educates coordination.

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