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The sharp limitation of motor activity in recent decades has led to reduce the functionality of middle age.Thus in most of the population of Ukraine there is a real danger of hypokinesia. Syndrome, or a hypokinetic disease, is Complex functional and organic changes and painful symptoms, developing as a result of the mismatch of the individual systems and organism as a whole with the external environment. (Medina, EN 2000). The pathogenesis of this condition are violations of the energy and plastic metabolism (especially in the muscular system). Protective mechanism of intense physical exercise incorporated in the genetic code human body. Skeletal muscle, on average, women make up 33 - 35% of body weight in men - 42%. In the absence of load (or unreasonably low load) muscles rapidly decrease in volume, becoming weaker, their narrow capillaries, fibers become thinner, from which we can conclude that physical inactivity negatively acts on the muscle. (Murov IV 1989).

At moderate loads, muscular system, strengthens and improves its blood supply, the work will come back capillaries.If the load in within a certain period of time was excessive, it is advisable decrease gradually to a muscle does not arise adverse events. (IV Smirnov 2001).

Considerable importance is the presence in the training process for static or dynamic elements.Exercises with a predominance of static elements contribute to a sharp increase in the volume and mass of muscles. Myofibrils (Contractile apparatus) in the muscle fibers become loose structure, prolonged reduction in muscle bundles difficult intraorganic circulation, intensively developed uzkopetlistaya, with uneven lumen, capillary network. With loads of mostly dynamic nature, which predominate in improving aerobic classes, weight and volume of muscle increaseity to a much lesser extent, there is a lengthening of the muscle and shortening of the tendon. Alternating contraction and relaxation of muscles not blood circulation, the number of capillaries increases, the course of their remains more directly by their mostly static load, 4-5 times. (IB Odintsov 2002).

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