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Respiratory System

Major health changes in the respiratory system when fitness classes. Increased respiratory rate. If at rest breathing rate is 12-18 respiratory movements (take a breath cycles) per minute, then at work, she increased to 40-90 breaths depending on the intensity work.

Increased depth of breathing. If the depth of breathing at rest (the volume of air inhaled or exhaled in one breath or exhale) is 0.5 litersthat during intense muscular exercise, it increases to 2-3 liters. Dilate the blood vessels of the lungs and respiratory tract (as well as respiratory muscles). The rate of blood flow through the vessels of these organs. Increased activity of the respiratory system during work (together with increase in the cardiovascular system, blood system and other systems) provides an increase in consumption of oxygen in several dozens of times. Thus, at rest the body consumes 250-350 milliliters of oxygen per minute, and at maximum muscle work, this value may reach 4 liters per minute (Grajewo ND 1976).

Major health changes in the respiratory system under the influence systematic fitness training. As a result of systematic physical exercises are Such changes in the respiratory system, which provide increased body oxygen consumption during muscular work. Increased strength of respiratory muscles. The volume of maximal inspiratory or expiration.As a result, a breathing motion of the lungs may received a lot of air.

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