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General remarks.Your feet, put in the position should not rely on thumb or finger. With the change of feet and standing in the positions necessary to maintain the correct position all figures: the hands, body, head. Reverse foot with the heel should be maintained, not separating the sock from the floor, with Reverse the situation throughout the legs. Disqualification of a running leg in the desired position, the heel should not be immediately separated from the floor: pre-need a little push your heel on the floor, but this pressure not should interfere with the free-slip feet on the floor. First, slide the whole foot,then stretch recovery and fingers.

When you return to running legs bearing, toe slideswithout interrupting floor, then gently bend the rise, fall heel, and the whole foot,touching the floor,completes the sliding motion. In classical dance, a huge role to play staged by hand. Hands are one of the main expressive means of dancers. They give finished drawing different poses. In addition, hands should help in performance of dance movements, especially rotation, on the floor and in the air, as well as the difficult jumps, where they are actively assisting the body and legs. Production of hands - this way to keep them in some form, at a certain height, positions and other provisions adopted in classical dance. Production begins with the hands of the preparatory status and position. The preparatory position in academic work is required,from the hands begin to move into position and in different positions.

Preparatory position. His hands dropped down in front of the body and all for no contact with him. Elbows to the sides,several bentform an oval.The hands and fingers also rounded, palm upward. Brushes almost touching: the distance between them is equal about two fingers. Pins are grouped; thumb pointing towards put forward by the forward average, but not in contact with him. Shoulders in the preparatory position and all positions must be omitted down, can not move them, to give back or lift up. Some teachers, choreographers allocate seven positions of hands. We believe this unconvincing, since the three positions taken in Leningrad Ballet School, and develop the main directions of the hands and successfully perform the task of their productions.

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