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In the procession attended purely carnivalesque principle of "reverse": the riders traveling backwards, the horse, seated in the carriage; vertoprahi, pulling coach with the monkey; child feeding from nipples old man in the cradle, the old woman playing with dolls, pig, twined with garlands of flowers, a dwarf with a giant; singing donkey and a goat with a violin. Then acts bribery (harpies among Nettle, hooks, broken scales and money bags) with the words "Universal misery ", which is spectacularly illustrated slanderer, sycophants, pettifoggers with the slogan "Tomorrow", bribe-takers and litigious of all kinds, writers, and libels denunciations.

Following this allegoriko satirical and grotesque, metaphorical part carnival procession began, praising the monarchy and supreme power. It revealed decorated chariot, driven by Jupiter, carts "Golden Age" with the shepherds and the shepherds with green branches in their hands and a group called "Parnassus. In the latter sat Apollo, Muses and poets. Further Participants were dramatized spectacle in costumes farmer-tillers with his tools and Laramie lands, heroes of history and great Legislators at the White solemnly decorated horses. This part of the carnival conclude peace, burning attributes of war. For such a large-scale spectacle had an additional "rent" various surroundings and jewelry, for example, from the Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy - wigs, beards, dress.Dozens of designers "of tasks" wove a network chain, wreaths and garlands of artificial flowers and fir- kroili and sewed white cloaks, pants and jackets, silk dresses and patterned scarves. Bought in shops and warehouses with white kid gloves, lisle ones stockings, shoes with buckles, etc.

Not just remembered there was a literary subtext carnival, and remember unusual decorative devices, masks, carnival figures, filled taste, imagination and talent. The basic idea, which was supposed to express a masquerade balls, familiar, which divided in one form or another, all progressive people in the XVIII century. - The idea enlightened monarchy, under the scepter of which bloom in science and art, restore law and justice will be trampled vices. In the spirit of his time the creators of the carnival submission believed educational force satirical "expressions of infamy vices. The satirical skits performed in the form of close skomoroshnomu mind, ie close and familiar to the common people.

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