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Poluprisedanie (demi plie) is ever-present companion of jumps: elastic and restrained poluprisedaniem begins and ends every jump, so It should pay particular attention not only in the positions, but also in various combinations of movements. General remarks. Squats in the first class should begin with a poluprisedany positions, face-to stick.IV position (as in the study of the positions of the feet) included in the work of the last, when students perform poluprisedaniya, holding the stick with one hand. The deep squat study later, since it requires the set, and Reverse fairly strong legs, and a fixed set back. These qualities produced in the study of the positions of the feet, poluprisedany, battements tendus and other motions on the floor. Only then can go to the deep squats.

In poluprisedaniyah squat and special attention is drawn to the Reverse position of the feet, otherwise the Achilles tendon is not fully included in the work and does not receive proper development. Impermissible "obstruction" on the inner side feet on the thumb. The center of gravity of the body equally distributed on both feet.The body must be straight and fit, the back without bending at the waist, gluteal muscles tense and drawn (especially the performance of sit-ups in the II position). The muscles of the legs also are strained; knees extremely deployed and when squat directed toward socks (knee against toe). Squatting and straightening happen uniformly, without jerks, and,reaching limit point belownot dwell on plie; rise should immediatelywithout interrupting traffic.

In the first class and full squat poluprisedanie studied separately and performed twice in all positions each.Later, possible connections two poluprisedany with one full squats. The following classes of sit-ups is reduced by half. In exercises at the stick and the middle of the room added to the motion associated with sit-ups, so you should not get involved in an excessive amount of sit-ups: it relaxes the ligaments feet. In daily classes and throughout the course training is recommended to alternate squats with a stick: one day to perform them with the right foot, the other - on the left, etc. This alternation gives a uniform development of both legs.

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