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After mastering the position III study V position (also face-to-stick) with IV position as the most difficult, learn at last, and only when metabolized by I, II, III and V of the position face-to-stick and students continue their study, holding his cane with one hand. To move from position III to V pass the center of gravity of the body to the left the supporting leg, take a running right hand with outstretched fingers, and the rise forward so that the toe of the working leg fell against the heel bearing. Then working leg back to the core and put in the V position. Weight body is distributed evenly on both feet.

Having accomplished face-to-stick 1,11,111 and V position with the right foot, repeat them to the left. Is introduced to students with positions and with the change in the positions of the feet, to be entered in Exercise music. Slow tempo. In each position are four measures of 4 / 4 or eight bars of 2 / 4. In the future, so many cycles required for sit-ups in all positions. Change feet to next position is going to beat 4 / 4.

In the first quarter with a leg lift and elongated fingers play in the right direction;in the second quarter kept in a stretched position; on third quarter is placed in position; the fourth position is retained. Later, in squats, leg change in positions is done together. Removal of the working leg to the side and return to the starting position occurs on the last eight cycles 4 / 4. This continues integrity of the musical-choreographic phrases. After mastering the positions of the feet studied preparatory position and the position hands. Further movement of the feet positions are accompanied by hand movements.

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