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Since masquerades evolved, a variety of forms. Thus,appearing under Peter I,Masquerades were aimed at the political situation reforms undertaken by the emperoras well as the importance of combating Church opposition to innovations. Masquerades were held in the form of street marches. During this time, Class differences, although there place were not very pronounced. Under Catherine II still existed This form of masquerades as a street march, however, masquerades gradually began to lose popular, were "bytovizatsii" and began to turn into scanned by the spectacle dominated by performers over the audience - participants. Thereby emphasizing Class distinctions of society. If we consider masquerades further, in the XIX century public masquerades practically disappeared, there was such a form as balls, masquerades, which held in private homes of the nobility.

The essential difference from previous forms is that now masquerade absent any kind was subject, and each mask behaved independently from others. Although there were masquerades its own laws and liberties and prohibitions and yet they differed significantly from the traditional dances with their etiquette and strict regulations.

As for the disappearance of the masquerade, the call several reasons:

1. They were imposed from above.

2. It was a foreign element to a greater mass of the population.

And if we consider the historical - political situation, then the society there were other problems, and therefore other interests. However, the masquerade-carnival traditions still preserved in our lives, although they have changed their shape almost unrecognizable. Masquerades appear in the form of costumed parties and carnivals.

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