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If a masquerade, and there are some limitations that solely in to protect the liberties of the masquerade. Example,If the participant wishes to masquerade hold intrigue his lady to her carriage then heard in response: "Oh no, this is contrary to the laws of the masquerade ... "because the coach can determine who the unknown intrigued him all evening. In Masquerade its laws, its liberties, its comedy and its tragedy, and he little resemblance to the traditional balls with their etiquette and strict regulations. One of the writers of the time so tried to depict the look of an alien to public masquerade in Russia: "In addition to dancing and seating collections, is they have a kind of walking meetings, called the redoubt, or masquerade. Men and women, pasted it to her face strange faces, something like noses of the test, consumed by our clown, and wrapped in a veil of black and red levantine, first them stay bit, then suddenly all rise and begin to circle in a terrible mess on Hall. Then everyone on growth and body movements, trying to find out that her mistress, to which bends his heart. As the disaster known jealousy of the husbands countries, and at that it happens as if behind a curtain, then found another other, they grasped podruki and quietly leave the place where their souls whatever ...

But the conversation I overheard once at a masquerade:

"You're going back into hiding, as the first maskerade?

- I have never hidden from anyone who wants me to find out ...

- But you're changing his voice?

- Absolutely! Otherwise, would not be worth putting on a mask ... "

Ladies dressed in masks intriguing men, most often without ex-masks, made meaningful hints, and it was unclear whether she knew everything about you, or just playing with words. "A mask, picked up a formidable warrior who never met in the ladies' society, dragged him from one room to another, circling the hall, and before stirred his imagination, that redoubtable warrior looked at her with curiosity and even smiled before they handed it to another cavalier.

Another fooled philosopher. And the philosopher started after the narrator, which he opened his most secret thoughts and not philosophical ideas. A man known for his indifference to the female sex, stood alone and watched ironically these women saturnali ...Some of the most drowsy, shifted with his foot gay orgy masquerade, lost in this confusion of rank and drain, shrugged their shoulders, saying that masquerade in St. Petersburg - an anachronism. Other, posmetlivee, delving into the spirit of the time, enjoy the opportunity, grasped on the fly heart, wandering aimlessly, and were pleased with themselves ... " The end of the century under review, did not know of the former extent of carnival holidays: they are petty scale, sporadic live life, replaced theatrical representations of mini-parades. This paucity of spectacles citywide type was not accidental: the authorities have not sought to use Holidays in the city, refused to historical analogies and comparisons, and main binding carnival satirical mockery negative phenomena of social life.

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