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Increased blood flow due to the need to bring a large number oxygen to the muscles, and other organs and tissues (AA Markosyan 1979). My heart is very sensitive to muscular work. For a second there rapid increase in heart rate. With a long and very intensive work again nature of heart rate varies slightly. But when using discrete characteristics such as, for example, execution of gymnastic exercises, HR varies over a wide range, especially when frequent changes " load and traffic intensity (Krestovnikov AN 1985). At perform a variety of fitness exercises, the largest heart rate occurs when exercises involving large muscle groups, forceful character performed on a large amplitude. There is a linear relationship between heart rate and intensity of work within the 50-90% of the maximum tolerance .

In mild exercise heart rate at first increases significantly,then gradually reduced to a levelwhich persists throughout the period stable operation. A more intensive and prolonged load has a tendency to increase heart rate,with a maximum work, she grows up maximum attainable. Heart rate increases proportionally to the muscle work. Further increase in load is not accompanied by an increase in heart rate (Dubrovsky, VI Smirnov, VM 2002).

The lowest heart rate at work of a local nature, exercises on relaxed, sinuous motion.With very intense exercise can observed increase in heart rate to about the limit and the maximum value at this operating mode of the heart becomes less efficient, as much time is reduced ventricular filling with blood and decreases stroke volume. It should be noted that women with the same level of consumption of men oxygen heart rate is higher than men (10 - 15 strokes) (Rogozhin, MF 1999). Another factor affecting the heart rate are the emotions. Emotional stress markedly increases the heart rate in rest and during exercise, primarily way of light and moderate power. When using these high-power " emotional supplements "to the work of HR disappear. Emotional impact music lessons in fitness may be the reason for increased heart rate (Odintsov IB 2002).

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