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At high fingers much harder to maintain bearing Reverse feet, but during training you must enter them as Achilles tendon calf, gluteal and treglavaya (thigh) muscles are increasingly being incorporated into work; more developed and consolidated set of ankle, the leg becomes pretty complete line of large positions, tours, pirouettes, tours chaines and other movements.

The first exercise - plie in all positions. This exercise involved body, hands and head, muscles and ligaments of the legs stretched and reduced in quiet slow movement. The body of a dancer is prepared for more complex movements ("warming up"), and therefore rational to start the lesson with squats. The second exercise - battements tendus, combined with battements jetes, - in which are acquired staging feet, Reverse, actively entered into the work All groups large and small muscles. This is the basic movements, trainees and generating force of the legs.

Battements tendus jetes organically linked with battements tendus, so performed directly behind them.The rate of execution, compared with battements tendus, accelerated by a factor of two. The third exercise - ronds de jambe par terre (in the middle and upper combined with large ronds de jambe jete). Grand rond de jambe jete - a sophisticated extension rond de jambe par terre, executed energetic sprint legs at 90 . Both of these movements, the most effective in all exercises, perform the general (but various degrees of complexity) function to develop rotational mobility of the hip joint, which determines the range Reverse feet. In conclusion, combinations ronds de jambe executed port de bras, preparing body and hands for the next exercise, where they participate becomes broader and more active, since the movement are complicated, and introduces tours turns.

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