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In a hierarchical social structure of the suit means a situation therefore implies a change of clothes and changing social roles. In masquerade as people are "wrong" clothes, with one hand,These costumes and masks originally equated present: "Here are all brothers,Order and mask to equalize the class ... "On the other hand,Masquerade all changed places, we can say is turned upside down: "Masquerade, as we know the light inside. Men modest and sometimes even blush. Women run the men, whispered declarations of love, shall appoint Good-bye, is accused of frivolity, "wrote a contemporary.

If in everyday life dressing alien costume is not appropriate social status seemed almost insulting. then for a Masquerade Dressing legally enable After spending some time in the clothing of another person, forget about their own social role. Participants masquerade had an unspoken freedom to behave extravagantly, and to commit acts not relevant secular code of conduct. Here it was possible to intrigue and provoke. lure and joke without risking any your name, nor his reputation, because time is limited Masquerade evening, and space boundaries of home. Despite the fact that in the halls of the masquerade, the music is background rather than dance tunes.

In the masquerade danced a bit. mostly the same occupation participants were communication and intrigue:

- Your name! I beg you, tell you who you are! Attention is one of those present to his intriguing lady.


- Do not dare. But you're so sweet, so condescending, that I believe will not refuse me happiness to see you without a mask.

- Certainly.

- Location!

- Mikhailovsky Theatre.

- Day?

- Future Environment.


- During the intermission, I dropped into the pit up a poster.

- And if I can deliver it to you?

-If you know me, why not! ...

- I'll try! Where are you? Talk to me more ... I have not had time to say anything.

- It's too late ... "

- Let me hold you up to the coach.

- Oh, no! This is contrary to the laws of disguise ... "

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