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Further study of the positions of the feet are sideways to the pole. Students left hand are used as the stick, slightly bow her fingers (thumb grabs a stick from the bottom, the rest from the top). Elbow bent left arm freely omitted and is slightly ahead of the shell. The right hand remains in preparatory position. His head turned to the right shoulder. Your feet alternately deployed in the I position.

Studying the following positions of feet and the transition from one position to another precedes preparation (preparatory movement of the hand and head). Introduce musical accompaniment. Score 4 / 4.On the first and second quarters of hand rises in the I position, the third and the fourth was called at the II position. Then in early musical phrase for the first bar arm with II position is lowered down into the preparatory position. The motion repeats twice. Followed by II, III, IV and V positions, also accompanied by movements of hands and head. If you change the positions of the feet arm remains at the II position, the head turned towards the hands, eyes focused on the brush. Removal of the side and bring to the starting position working legs and movement of body center of gravity on the supporting leg during the transition in the II position and from II to III position is the same as in the study of the positions of the feet, face-to stick. Moving from position III to IV, should be referred to the gravity of the body on left leg Right move forward, stretching and lifting the fingers.Sock running feet should be opposite the heel bearing. Omitting the heel on the floor, take a sock ago. Thus, the foot will Reverse the position parallel to the left leg. At the time of deployment of feet running leg in the upper part (thigh) slightly tightened to the core and occupies the position IV position. When lowering heels on the floor body leans forward, and its weight is distributed on both feet.

Turning from the IV position in the V, stretch recovery and fingers of his right foot, free pushing the toe forward and pass the gravity of the body on the left leg.Right leg moves to the left (foot gradually takes Reverse) position and put in the V position. At the end of exercise goes hand in a preparatory position (on The final cycle 4 / 4). Having accomplished the exercises with the right foot, do it with left.

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