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Many of the exercises at the stick and the middle of the room begins with a preliminary open hand to the position (usually in II) and the combined position. This is preparing for an exercise - preparation. First up in the I position of the hand, then foot from the initial position (I or V) together with the hand open on the II position. For some exercises in preparation arm and leg begin to move together (eg, preparation before rond de jambe par terre).

In the first class in the first half of preparation is performed on admission tact 4/4- first and second quarters of the hand is raised in the I position, the third and fourth quarters of play at the II position. In the second half and in the following classes of one or both hands before exercise rise to the desired position on zatakt by 2 / 4, performed by chords. In time lifting his hands in the position I head turns right, look accompanied by a paintbrush.Then head slightly inclined to one side, opposite raised hand, then with the hand turns to his hands, be opened at the II position. Look accompanies brush. After the exercises the hand sink in the preparatory position on The final cycle 4 / 4 (in high school, on the final two chords). In a number of exercises at the stick and the middle of the room (for example, battements developpes and fondus, etc.) for the development of coordination of movements of hands and feet, one or both hands may begin to move simultaneously with the legs at the beginning musical phrase, and also at the same time to finish it at the end of the musical phrases.

Head and face

Head position and facial expression are important in dance. Without tilts his head, without it turning neither position is not a complete form. Expressive eyes and face animates posture. Head position, it tilts and rotations have been studied for the first year learning. Head movements are introduced gradually, first in the preparation (with opening the hand to position II), then in grand pile, epaulement, the study port de bras and the poses. Students during the exercise of physical activity often strain their neck bite his lips, appear convulsive twitching of facial muscles. These shortcomings should be addressed, so that they were not included in the habit and will not interfere in future.

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