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Fitness effect of fitness - exercise on the body Man Circulatory system

In time fitness training from working muscles, joints and ligaments in central nervous system, particularly in the cerebral cortex, receives large number of signals, which, in turn, from the central nervous system are sent to all the internal organs - the heart, lungs, muscles and etc. There is a quickening of the cardiac activity and respiration, increased velocity of blood flow through the vessels, raises blood pressure, increases metabolism.The transformation of the internal organs depends on nature of the work, the harder and more intense muscular movement, the more pronounced changes in the internal organs (Rogozhin, MF 1999). Regular practice of fitness, especially in combination with breathing exercises, increase the mobility of the chest and diaphragm. There are spectacular becomes more rare and profound, and respiratory muscles - stronger and enduring. With a deep and rhythmic breathing is increased blood vessels of the heart, resulting in improved food and supplies oxygen, heart muscle (Gordeev GV 2001).

Primary health-fitness training effects associated with increasing features of the cardiovascular system. It is economization of cardiac work at rest and increased reserve capacity of the circulatory apparatus in muscle activity (Rogozhin, MF 1999). The heart, blood vessels and blood flowing through them form a single system, providing transport oxygen to all tissues of the body. Removal of slag, and as different substances, from one to the other organs.The heart is a muscle pump weighing 200-250 grams., drives the blood through the blood vessels in all part of the body. Clean heart rate (HR) at rest 60-80 times per minute. In during physical work in heart rate can reach the maximum limits, which varies over a fairly wide range, depending on age, sex, fitness. Increase in heart rate during muscular work provides emits large amounts of blood in the bloodstream, which is called minute volume of blood flow or cardiac output (IOC).

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