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A contemporary describes one of the masquerade scenes: "Hammer eleven. The first room was full of colorful Engelgardtova home costumes. Suddenly the door to the hall opened. A lady in a black mask. One of the men asked sarcastically:

- Beau maskue,you come alone?

- How can mask answered, shaking his head and looked around: the old man, my drag for me. Here it is. At this moment, suspecting nothing went into the hall a respectable General. The former was a man greeted him with loud laughter, surrounded and told the reason for his cheerfulness.The General asked to see Zateinitsa: it really vanished.

Meanwhile, Hall has started a movement, came the legal hour of relaxed cheerfulness. Masquerade animated, all trying to be nice, all joking and allowed to joke with him ...." Dolly Fikelmon, wife of the Austrian envoy named Mademoiselle Timasheff and in disguise, accompanied by one to the masquerade and disguise Empress - the wife of Nicholas 1. In her diary she describes the visit: "The Queen laughed like a child, and I was scared, I was afraid of any and Mr M and Mr D e n t o a. When we were in that crowd became even worse - her elbow and was pressed with no more respect than all other mask ... "

Psychological foundation of any public masquerade, especially where attended by people from various social strata was impossible to understandas behave with the undercover person,because all communication is fraught with unpredictability and surprises, and unlike the allegorical masqueradewhere Surprises included a "script" here they were not necessarily pleasant. Although secular society, who came in disguise was not so numerous and Most knew each other suspense and mystery masks this has not diminished. The feeling of anxiety, uncertainty arises mainly because Masquerade created for all its participants the opposite situation of home environment secular etiquette. in which all roles are painted and predictable and, moreover, strictly signified suit.

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