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In the men's character dance, as opposed to female, adagio as dance form is not found, but it is equally necessary to study both Women's and Men's class, because it is inextricably linked with bounds, especially with large, and gives them the correct form. Of all the sections of the lesson adagio includes the largest number disparate movements and poses a special challenge for the correct musical-choreographic construction. Small adagio based on musical phrase at least four bars of 4 / 4 or eight and twelve cycles.Many - from twelve to sixteen bars. For adagio building needs a clear meter, rhythm, tempo and compliance clock squareness.

Strengths Movement (tours in big poses, grand fouette, renverse, tours sur le cou-de-pied and a number of other movements, which should be allocated adagio) start on the strong beat of the bar on the first or third quarter chetyrehdolnogo size. In other musical dimensions as the strong share. If these movements are falling on the weak beat of the bar (the second and fourth quarter), they violate the unity of musical and choreographic construction.

On the weak shares should fall mainly binders and helper Movement: pas de bourree, all kinds of passe, etc. Diving - the most difficult part of the lesson. All that is produced and экзерсисом adagio, is directly connected with the jumps and largely contributes to their development. But special attention should be paid by the vaulting. Jump depends on the strength of muscles legs, elasticity and strength ligaments foot and knees, developed Achilles tendon, the toes of the fortress, and in particular the strength of the thigh. The most important thing - to be able at the time of repulsion from the floor with a plie while maintaining a running throw up and push a reference, tighten housing (which increases the jump) to assist with his hands and feel recollection of the whole body before a jump, at the moment and jump in his opinion on demi plie. In the first class, before proceeding to the study of jumps, worked out Exercise, in which, as mentioned above, optional setting body, Reverse leg squats elasticity, etc.Then begins Work on jumps.

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