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Carnival was interrupted only at night and in the morning under the incessant noise and rumble dudok sounds, flutes and drums again began detours to advance Itinerary. In a special program brochure, printed eve of three thousand copies, detailed scenario plan marches, designated masks, costumes and settings.

According to the scenario - expressions of "vile vices" and "glory of virtue" - Masked divided into two parts. The first embodiment of a satirical, proper comic side of the carnival, the second - and celebrated the advocated a policy of the autocracy. Opened by the movement of the procession, ridiculing vices of society. Before each theatrical group and unit is a pole with the emblem of a blemish. Call only some of them. With Momus (envious, Mockingbird) with puppetsovergrown colored ribbons, bubuntsami equipped with the slogan "Exercise lunatics"included a brave bully Pustohvalova, a pedant and his servants,entourage mad Liar,carrier "zaviralnye books. The next group - Bacchus with a goatee head in the grapes and text symbol "Laughter and shamelessness" - United chorus of drunks, satyrs, seated on donkeys, goats and pigs,publican and tax-farmer on the barrel. Then marched the group symbolizing "evil forces" (hawk tearing dove), "deceit" and "ignorance". Surrounded by a corresponding suite was busy installing: spider and the fly in a cobweb, cat face with a mouse in his mouth, Fox, holding a rooster.Behind him walked Orchestra "animals". In Cheating (Landmark designation - the mask of hypocrisy and a snake in the roses), with the motto "Harmful passion "followed by singing and dancing gypsies, fortune-teller, the witch and the devil devils proektery, Krivosud, rip-off, limping on crutches, true, different kind of scam.The suite of Ignorance (emblem - the black network, bat and ass head, the motto - "Pride without dignity") with an explanatory inscription "harm and obscenity "was attended by the choir of blind, leisure and backbiting, sloths in donkeys with peacock tails and "narcissus". As the decor was are mirror reflected in it "narcissistic Harey, extravagance and Avarice, gamblers with maps, Venus surrounded by cupids, Ignorance accompanied the "unenlightened minds" - a flying beast with the land converted human faces.

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