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Battement tendu from the I position.I get up in the position, right hand open across I position II.

a) Battement tendu forward. His right leg, pulling and lifting your fingers without taking sock on the floor, they turn forward (toe goes forward in a straight line from its original point in the I position). Center of gravity of the body is transferred to the supporting leg. A working leg moves easily on the floor, the heel is strongly put forward forward to save the Reverse of the feet. When returning running feet in the I position the movement should start from the nose, also hold the heel forward; foot bends at the rise and on the move Reverse the situation unfolding in the I position.

b) Battement tendu to the side. Fulfilling battement tendu to the side, should be take a running leg in a straight line from the pivot foot. To save Reverse heel advanced forward, socks pulled back.

When I return leg in position Reverse saved.

a) Battement tendu ago. In the performance battement tendu back, removing the leg movement should start from the nose, keeping the leg as much as Reverse position (toe goes straight back from his starting point in the I position). By returning the leg in the I position, the movement to start from the heel, toe to leave laid back, which would give the necessary foot Reverse. Battement tendu of the V position. At battements tendus of V position leg play forward against the toe heel bearing. In the side - displayed on the toe straight line from the pivot foot: toe against her heel. Back leg is the same as well as forward: sock running legs bearing against the heel. Fulfilling battements tendus of V position, you need to carefully monitor the that, while lead and bringing working legs in V position ahead of forward direction and to the side, knee remained outstretched. Tension knee during disposal and bring legs in V position behind, from the direction back and the side has been significantly easier. To save the Reverse of feet running feet subject to the same rules as in the I position.

Disqualification foot forward, heel should actively promote forward. Returning leg in original position, but rather take the toe to the heel of the supporting leg to the heel and sock running legs simultaneously came into contact with your feet supporting leg. When closing the legs with II positions in the V back heel running legs moving feet along the core and the endpoint tightly pressed against the sock reference feet. When moving back to actively play sock.

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