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As is known, based on fitness and physical health is a healthy way life, the development of sports and motor abilities. Such qualitieswho provide the most complete definition of fitness, with a reasonable combination,severalis: total aerobic endurance - the ability to perform long- work of average power and resist fatigue. The development of this quality guarantees that the movement can be done for a long time with the rapid while rehabilitating after load. Your aerobic system uses oxygen to convert carbohydrates into energy. At long-term studies in this process are also included fats and partially proteins, aerobic workout that makes almost perfect for fat loss (IB Odintsov 2002). Speed Endurance - the ability to resist fatigue in submaximal for speed loads.

Power endurance - the ability to resist fatigue at a sufficiently long-term nature of the power loads. Power endurance shows how much muscle can cause repeated efforts and within what time support such activity.Power endurance is important in any form of active fitness classes: from the anaerobic re-raise weight to intense aerobic activity when running. Power-speed endurance - the ability to implement sufficient time-consuming exercise of power, with a peak speed. Flexibility - the ability to perform human motion with large amplitude of through the elasticity of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Increased flexibility reduces the risk injuries during the exercise. Speed - the ability to rotate as fast as the muscles and their relaxation.

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